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2024年度 英語論文

Nakai Y, Kumagai K, Ino Y, Akiyama T, Moriyama K, Takeda Y, Egashira K, Ohira T, Ryo A, Saito T, Inaba Y, Hirano H, Kimura Y: Use of data-independent acquisition mass spectrometry to identify an objective serum indicator of the need for osteoporotic therapeutic intervention. J Proteomics. 2024 Apr 2:105166. doi: 10.1016/j.jprot.2024.105166. [Online ahead of print]

Morita A, Iida Y, Inaba Y, Tezuka T, Kobayashi N, Choe H, Ike H, Kawakami E: Preoperative prediction for periprosthetic bone loss and individual evaluation of bisphosphonate effect after total hip arthroplasty using artificial intelligence. Bone Joint Res. 13(4):184-192, 2024 Apr 18.

Miyajima S, Kobayashi N, Yukizawa Y, Kamono E, Choe H, Ike H, Kumagai K, Inaba Y: Shelf acetabuloplasty may inhibit range of motion: A computer simulation analysis. J Orthop Res. 42(4):821-828, 2024 Apr.

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