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Hello, Everyone! My name is Yang Fan, a 26 years old Chinese doctoral candidate from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. My professional field is hip joint disease, especially the osteonecrosis of femoral head. Of course other fields of orthopedics also attract me a lot. It’s a wonderful chance to study here and great honor to work with you. The physician practices and healthcare systems in Japan seems much different from that in China, especially the integration of clinical works and research. That need a surgeon additional skills and conceptions in clinical research. That is my purpose to study here. In additon to my major, I like Japanese culture since I was a high school student. Stories like Movies, novels, animations are my favorites. I started know Japanese culture through animations in my childhood, then read lots of novels, such as “心”、”鍵のない夢を見る”, “ツナグ”, “ナミヤ雑貨店の奇蹟”, etc., in University. The most favorite writer is 辻村深月 and favorite director is 岩井俊二. Now I am trying to read these novels written by Japanese. Right now, I am not only an doctor in China, but also a freelance photographic artist, dedicating to express one’s soul. I hope one day we could help people to deal with their problem both physically and psychologically, not just cure the diseases. So the expression of one’s conception is same important as the understand of medicine. “I am a scholar chasing the moon. Nothing excite me more than put my conception in practice.” 以上です。 Best regards





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